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The ceiling is no longer the limit

At Wia, we help to visualise your sensor data, assisting you on the road to the creation of a digital twin of your environment so you can discover your space’s potential and begin to make your building a beacon of the future.

  • Excessive energy usage
  • High operational costs
  • Under utilised space
  • Average yield
  • Not future proofed
    for sustainability, green
    regulations and standards
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced operational costs
  • High space utilisation
  • Increased yield
  • Ready for green initiatives
    and incentives

Struggling to get a sense of your space?

Here are just a few of the things we help you measure


By identifying overused and underused areas in a building, property operators can optimise space utilisation, which in turn can facilitate growth.

In a recent Occupancy Benchmarking Report, 77% of respondents said improving space data accuracy is a primary goal for their real estate team this year.


Most estimates suggest that the real estate sector is the single most significant sector in terms of CO₂ contributions and consumes 40% of global energy annually.

The use of power monitoring technology can achieve a reduction in energy use of up to 35%.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality inside buildings is a significant environmental danger as indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

By detecting high levels of CO₂ in the building and proactively adjusting outside air dampers to maintain air quality at appropriate levels, employee wellness and productivity can be increased.

How we make your building smart

Step 1. Design The Solution

Based on your floor plans, use your own, or work with our experts to generate a 3D model of your building. Design a suite of IoT building solutions specifically for your needs. This unique process provides a staged approach that enables maximum return on investment.

Step 2. Deploy The IoT Network

Once your solution has been designed, within a few hours, we install a low-cost, secure connectivity network specifically for Internet of Things devices in your building.

This allows for isolated, private communication that is separated from other Internet-connected systems in the building.

Step 3. Connect The Things

We deploy a constellation of connected devices that capture your building’s data. We match each device’s location with the corresponding location in the virtual environment to bring your building’s digital twin to life.

Already have some sensors and systems in your building?
We can integrate those too.

Step 4. Unlock The Benefits

Once the data starts flowing, it is sent to the Wia Cloud and made accessible to you in a visual, intuitive way. From here you can discover new actionable insights and begin to improve your building’s performance.

Increased Revenue

Up to 12% increase in lease value per sq ft for green buildings in comparison to traditional buildings

Improved Employee Experience

37% higher absenteeism when employees are disengaged
18% less productive when employees are disengaged

Reduced Costs

40% reduction in space
30% reduction in energy
10-50% improvement in equipment reliability

Why Wia?

We’re one of the only companies in the world who have “everything out of the box” - our products and services make IoT device deployment rapid and easy.

Our products and experts provide unparalleled experience and here’s why…

No 'thing' left behind

Connect and integrate any device with the Wia Cloud via our open APIs and integrations.

Eye like an eagle

Having a unified display of your entire building lets you view your data in a meaningful, contextualised way.

No assembly required
(batteries included)

Our in-house, end-to-end expertise provides you with everything needed to build a smart building under one roof.

“Wia are transforming the IoT industry with their rapid prototyping services and simple to use innovation platform.

This gives us the ability to quickly build, connect and pilot hundreds of sensors in a smart city context, which is a game changer in how we address and validate city challenges.”

Michael Guerin, Smart Docklands Lead

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