No longer worry about building an infrastructure that can securely manage and authenticate your assets, customers and team.

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Our military grade authentication mechanisms ensure the security of communications and people

Access Control

We give you easy configuration and management of your team and devices so you can set specific roles and access control levels.


Whether you have one or a million resources, our globally available services takes care of the scaling so your devices are always on.


We let you manage any type of device, regardless of it's operating system, connectivity or protocol.

Diagram showing how Wia can connect to many different devices.


Our toolkit provides all the funtionality you need to do customer signup, login and everything in between. Whether they are on iOS, Android or the Web, our SDK takes care of all the hassle of getting your customers using your products.


Manage your product line, deploy configuration updates and diagnose issues. All in real-time.


Manage your fleet of RFID and NFC tags. Associate Events with tags to view real-time user engagement.

A t-shirt with an RFID tag being scanned


Organise your team with simplicity.

Configurable permissions which give you control over who can read, modify and perform management functions so your team has everything they need to do their job.

Diagram showing showing team management.