Expand your solution by linking additional services and abilities.

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3rd Party

Bring in your favourite services including Twilio, PubNub, Slack and many more.


Build your own bespoke integrations so you can have customised functionality.


No need to write countless lines of code and constantly check for API changes.


Analyse data as it is passed through our pipes and trigger actions.

Diagram showing a Flow that sends an SMS to Twilio if the temperature is greater than 21 degrees.

Push Notifications

Easily send push notifications to iOS or Android devices to give your customers a rich, real-time experience.

Diagram showing Wia connecting to a mobile app.

Data Warehouse

Want to plug straight into your own database? Wia can push all of your data in your own Redshift or Postgres instance. If you don’t have one, we can host one for you.