Any data. Any time. Anywhere.
Wia lets you capture every data point you need to build your products.

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With sub 0.1 seconds latency across the globe you get your data when you need it, now.


We use AES 256 encryption to ensure you're data arrives exactly how it has been sent without someone changing it in the middle.


Make your information structured and predictable so it is easy to organise and display in creative ways.


We’ve got REST, MQTT, Websockets, AMQP, CoAP and UDP APIs so you can send the data any way you like.


We let you ingest data from other sources including Sigfox, PubNub and many more.


Events are interactions with your device. Track when a door is opened, a switch is flipped or an alarm is triggered.


Whether it is temperature, humidity or air quality, send your sensor data in real-time to our platform in any way you prefer.


It's good to know where a device is. That's why we give you everything you need to track it’s location.


Mine logs in real-time so you can diagnose issues, offer support and deliver a great user experience.