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All organisation tiers include:

250,000 API calls/messages

Unlimited customers

Unlimited team members

Open source SDKs for any device

Real-time dashboard

Unlimited app and service integrations

Cloud pricing FAQ

Can I try Wia for free?
Totally! For individual accounts it’s free forever, for organisations you can try out all of our features for free for 7 days.
If you like it, you can continue using the platform by simply providing us with your payment details.

What is the difference between individual and organisation accounts?
Individual accounts are for makers and developers who want to build personal projects around the platform.
Organisation accounts are for all types of teams from startups to enterprise companies. These accounts come with customer management, team members and additional integrations.


What payment options do you accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

How is my usage calculated?
Your usage is the number of messages sent and received by our APIs. For example, if a device sends a temperature reading and 3 customers are subscribing to that device, then that will count as 4 messages. Every account comes with 250,000 messages included free per month. It’s €10 per additional million.

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